Are You a Victim or Victor?

Learning about yourself is the first step to success. Self-pity breeds entitlement and seeing yourself as a victim focus on what you wish to avoid. This is a true statement! There are a lot of people that do not see this about themselves. By learning and really understanding yourself and how you feel about your specific life situations can give insight into what needs to change. Once you decide what needs to change, take the steps necessary to make those changes. It is not easy nor is it an overnight process. For a lot of people, it may be difficult to see where the problems lie or even that they feel this way.

Are you one of those people that feel you are a victim?  Ask yourself if you become angry easily when dealing with situations such as debt. One of the problems that people with this type of mentality feel is anger but are afraid of that anger. This is not intentionally what you may have wanted to happen. What happens is that you may deny its existence. When this occurs, your anger can be projected onto others making you feel that you are always being threatened by other people. This can cause many problems such as financial loss or increased debt.

We have all heard the saying that some will rob Peter to pay Paul. This is very true when you feel as though you are a victim. It becomes a vicious cycle, which doesn’t help to turn that victim mentality around so that you can be successful financially or in life generally.

Successful people will focus their efforts on what they want and how they will go about achieving their goals. They may have a written plan or just something they have put together to make things happen for them. They do not feel that everyone is out to harm them. Realizing that everyone wants to succeed in life whether it is working for someone else or yourself, allows you to handle anticipated aggressive situations.

Steps to letting go of that victim mentality for finances include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding and accepting that you have a victim mentality
  • Taking control of your life
  • Seeking help from professionals who understand this type of mentality
  • Working with a company that offers more personalized one on one services when it is appropriate
  • Developing and working on a plan for financial freedom

Once you learn that you have a victim mentality, taking the steps necessary to change and control your financial situation, you will be on the road to success. It can only get better from there. No one wants to be a victim or feel pity for themselves. No one owes us anything that we have not worked for. Entitlement comes from working to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

Remember you are not alone. There are a great many people that feel as though they are victims. You are the one that will succeed from being a victim to successful by taking the steps necessary to change how you feel. Working with someone who can help you see where you are and where you want to be has better outcomes than those that try to do it alone. Take control of your life, work with professionals that can help you on the road to success and financial freedom.

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