7 Ways to Enhance Brain Fitness

In recent years, scientists have begun to discover new secrets about the aging brain. One of the most reassuring ideas is the idea that, in response to new learning, your brain can continue to reshape itself. Scientists call this “brain plasticity,” and it means you can improve your brain function as you age.

Experts suggest trying a variety of activities that challenge your current skill levels in different areas.

  1. Learn to play a new instrument.
    You’ll exercise several brain functions, related to sight, hearing, and movement.
  2. Eat dark chocolate.
    It causes your brain to release dopamine, a chemical that improves memory and overall brain function.
  3. Play catch.
    Throw a ball up in the air or better yet, try your hand at juggling. Both activities improve eye-hand coordination and offer other brain health benefits.
  4. Make your hobbies harder.
    Take on something a bit more difficult than you’re used to. You’ll concentrate harder and re-engage your brain’s learning ability.
  5. Use your other hand.
    Practice activities, such as brushing your teeth, with your non-dominant hand.
  6. Walk on a rocky road.
    Walking on uneven surfaces, like cobblestone, improves the vestibular system of the inner ear, which translates to better balance.
  7. Rest up.
    Getting enough shut-eye is critical to both brain function and memory.

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